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The Milky Way Galaxy has a long and extensive backstory, from the Age of the Old Ones and the War of the Heavens, to the 13th Black Crusade and the Fall of the Golden Throne. Recording these events is of great importance to those of the Imperium, and those of the known galaxy....except for perhaps the Orks, for the only records they keep is how many of their own kind they have beaten in a good brawl. But to the Imperium, time is important to remember Heros, Worlds and Ages long since forgotten by the regular populace, for not every person in the Imperium gets to go to school and learn history. But now is the chance for them to understand the struggles they have gone through that has made their life a reality.

Over the Ages, Heros have fallen, arisen and been corrupted. Not even the great Space Marines can live forever, and sooner or later they will all perish to the ancient enemy known as time. Worlds will crumble, they have been birthed, populated, fought over and burned to the ground, nothing saves them from the withering wind of time.

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Reader Note : Only the dates are taken from the WH40k Wiki, everything else is made up by the authors and creators. All events on this list are here for the purpose is that they do not exist in real world WH40k and in this case, do not count out any of the real world WH40k events because more than likely they happened, just not on the date they did.

Date Event Notes
ca. 001-010 M31 Great Crusade Begins During the 1st year of the Millennium, the Great Crusade had been under full swing and like many historians in the Imperium, believed that it would bring about a new age to which they would all live and the Imperium would exist. The Emperor on the Grand Palace Battle-Barge, Bacephelus , and thousands of other ships of the Imperium Navy, countless regiments of Imperial Guard, Mechanicus Skitarrii Clans, and the War Machines of the Titan Legions marched to war. They spread out among the galaxy and began to bring down empires that opposed the Imperium, and welcome those that were willing to return. Already at this time, Chaos had seeped its influence into the minds of Humans through Empires and Planets that were colonized and then cut off from the light of the Emperor. Most would be killed in the Reclamation Campaigns that happened in systems, but few would survive and begin Cults and Religious Groups again, though no knew at the time that Chaos was a thing, save perhaps the Emperor and Malcador. Thus as the Emperor was scouring the universe for his lost Planets, he found his lost sons, The Genetic Fathers of the 20 Space Marine Legions, training them to be good men and leaders before giving them to their Legions to lead how they saw fit in the end goal of a unified Imperium.
Day of Scales and Teeth The newly recovered Primarch, Zavarax of the Ghost Raptors Legion leads his own Legion in a joint Cleansing Campaign with the newly crowned World Eaters Legion. Both Legions had the motive to slaughter and kill the entire population of Orks that resided in the Jangara System. But the World Eaters wanted to make sport of it, making beachheads on all of the planets and rather than full out annihilating the Orks, they would send their Captains, Sergeants and even Initiates into the jungle and hunt as many ork skulls as they could. In the end many died, but the World Eaters persisted. Zavarax confronted the Red Angel about these "Fun and Games", and told him that they needed to focus on purging the planets and moving on. Where the World Eaters were merciless butchers and slaughterers, the Ghost Raptors were kept killers and murderers, they both slaughtered and massacred, the Sarcosaur didnt do it senselessly. So both Legions were on opposite sides of the butchers block. Angron merely laughed in Zavarax's face and told him to join in on the sport, he treated it as though they were here on a relaxing vacation, Zavarax would have none of it. Angron was put on his arse by the bone armored fist of Zavarax. The Red Angel was briefly dazed and when he stood, Gorechild and Gorefather , were brought to bare. The Bone Drake and the Red Angel fought, their Legions following, Astartes blood was spilled as hundreds of marines were killed on both sides, but Zavarax brought Angron to heel after a battle that lasted 5 hours, knocking the battered and bleeding Red Angel unconscious. The World Eaters were forced to halt their combat, it was a mark that was forever brought on both of their Legions, ones that the Raptors never forgave the World Eaters and vice versa.
Hollow Zone Passage Campaign The Word Bearers 47th Expeditionary Fleet came across a passage way that was an easy way through two Warp Storms that had cut the Sol System off from the rest of the Galaxy for the better part of the past Millennium. The Hollow Zone was a quick (though tight and slightly dangerous) path through the Secundus and Kaotic Warp Storms. There was a cluster of habitable planets around the exit of the Hollow Zone known as the Hollow Worlds. Which were inhabited by some rather defiant Human Feudal Worlds. The Word Bearers began their Campaign and one by one the planets began to fall, but the Knight Houses on these planets (long since corrupted by the Chaos God Slaanesh, but not known at the time) proved to be extremely difficult to best due to their many ranges in Dark Age technology. Lorgar Aurelian managed to outsmart the Knight Leader at the Battle of Blood Canyon, where he used the tight fitting canyon faces to hinder the Knight movement and weapon usage. Word Bearer Devestator Squads tore the attacking Knights apart and shredded any resistance left. They conquered the remaining cities on the Capital Planet and forced its Compliance. Gaining the Hollow Zone Passage for the use of the Imperium.
1st. Lance Compliance Campaign The Grey Guard take on their fist Compliance Campaign in the Hydra Lance Quadrant. It was taken over by an Ork Warboss during the late of the Age of Strife. Warboss Mekadakka had known the human's ability to work hard and long when given the "opportunity" too. So Mekadakka collected as many living humans as he could, throwing them into slave camps where many were simply beaten to death by their ork overlords. Ironically enough though, his orks still did more work than the humans. But the Orks forced the humans to construct massive fortresses and towering Garganaughts and Morkanaughts to serve him in up coming crusades. The Grey Guard were dispatched en masse to the Quadrant to kill the orks and bring the humans back under Imperium compliance. The Grey Guard proved worthy of this trial by fire, they being the youngest of the Legions, they were highly doubted by the rest. But they proved worthy when the first outlying planet was liberated within a week of landfall. But the Conquest only got higher as hundreds of marines were felled per a planet, and the casualties only rose as they got deeper into Ork territory. When it came time to strike down the Arc-Slave Masta Mekadakka himself, Tiber Myr smote the Warboss down with an incredible psychic blast that essentially blew the ork up. It was the first time he discovered his psychic ability. Thus the Hydra Lance Quadrant was freed and the human population set about rebuilding. The Grey Guard moved on, though they were honored as heros in the Quadrant for years to come.
Breaking Golden Chains The Salamanders and Space Wolves legions entered Segmentum Obscurus, particularly the Cadian Sector. The Cadian Sector was under the rule of Herald-Governor Tynelios Holt and his Golden Angels, a self proclaimed Prophet of the Emperor. The Space Wolves and Salamanders fought and burned their way across every world in the Cadian sector until arriving on Cadia itself. Where the massive planet had become a fortress, the Herald-Governor had locked himself inside, protected by hundreds of defense batteries and millions of soldiers. Leman Russ and Vulkan teleported into the fortress themselves, with only a handful of personal bodyguard at their back. While their sons attacked the surface, they cut their way deep into the heart of the Fortress where they found the Herald-Governor and his Golden Angel's praying to the "Emperor" (It was later discovered this was a representation of Tzeentch), under the un-natural light of a Golden figure dressed exactly and looking exactly as the Emperor. Leman and Vulkan slew the Herald-Governor and left the Golden Creatures last, who revealed themselves to be a Lord of Change and 10 oddly powerful Heralds of Tzeentch. Russ, disgusted with the creatures attacked, slaying the Heralds in a frenzy, while Vulkan fought with the Lord of Change. With the help of Leman, they both banished the Lord of Change back to the warp for another thousand years. Cadia was freed and its defenders all executed or thrown in penal colonies. Its fortresses remained high and new defenders took its place....for they knew not what the galaxy could spew forth from the warp storm known as the Eye.
Ullanor Crusade Begins The Emperor leads the charge against the Ork Overlord Ulrakk Urukk, the reigning ork lord in the Segmentum Solar. He controlled the largest population of Orks seen ever by the Imperium, one that threatened the very grounds of Terra. With him came the Ghost Raptors, Grey Guard, World Eaters, Imperial Fists, Ultramarines and Emperor's Children Legions. What the Emperor didnt know is that this ork was far smarter than any yet encountered by the Imperium, and proved that Ullanor would not fall so easily.
Black Sun Terra experienced a major scare when the Sun, their Sun, had suddenly turned black. It was a slow change at first, but slowly its colors turned black. Many astronomers theorized that it was an eclipse due to a rather large asteroid passing by Terra. But that wasn't the case. In reality no one knew what had truly happened that day, but the events that occurred were scarier than imagined. People began to commit suicide by jumping out of buildings, slitting their own throats and even going to the extreme of death by Adeptus Arbite. Many a thousand died, and hundreds turned to making religious cults and worshiping deities. It was unreal, but sooner or later the Black Sun passed, and with it, the atrocities. The High Lords of Terra covered up the event and it was forgotten. But rumors occurred that similar events have happened nearby. No one knows what truly is happening, or does someone?
Compliance of 993-5 (Carnage) The Ghost Raptor Legion arrives at the habitable planet of 993-5. It was a death world of substantial proportions, dwarfing Jupiter in size by much, most of its surface covered in dense jungles and swamps. As far as the Ghost Raptors knew, the only dangers on the planet were the Warhound Titan sized insects, and the Land Raider sized reptiles that inhabited the planets swamps. But what intrigued them the most, was the human population somehow surviving on the surface. They had long since adapted to life on the surface and had become hardened and skilled hunters against the planet's indigenous wildlife. It was quickly pulled into compliance and the populace was left as is, to reside and live how they did. But a fortress Monastery was created on the surface for the Ghost Raptors. Carnage became their primary Recruiting grounds and no longer Reaped from the Terran population.
Triumph at Ullanor The Emperor has finally bested the Arch-Overlord Ulrakk Urukk on the Orks's Kapital Ship, God Breaka . The Emperor teleported upon the God Breaka with 1,000 Custodians, the Emperor's Shield, and into the Throne Room of the great ship where the Arch-Overlord resided. Surrounded on all sides by the howling of thousands of Ork Nobs, and Hundreds of Thousands of Ork Boyz, the Emperor and his Custodians opened fire. It was said and theorized that in that first volley from the Guardian Spears split the Ork numbers in half, it was never recorded nor proven, but the Legend remains. Horus and 500 Justaerian Terminators teleported onto the ship in the midst of a blood bath. The Emperor dueled the massive Arch-Overlord upon the throne upon which only one victor would claim. Custodians and Orks were in a fierce melee, but the Emperor's Hand were holding strong as they cut and gunned down thousands of Orks. The Justaerian swamred into the fray and let loose with 500 Assault Cannons, and Power Axes, carving into the orks like butchers in a cow pen. Together, Horus and the Emperor slayed the Arch-Overlord and cast his body down infront of the remaining orks, who turned and fled like cowards. Thus Ullanor was won, and the Emperor called all of his sons to Terra, where a war parade was held where every legion and facet of the Imperium might was shown to the Imperium, broadcasted over everything for the entirety of man to see. But the Emperor was done with war, and named Horus the new Warmaster of the Imperium. As he retreated inside the Imperial Palace to deal with more pressing matters that needed his attention.
Ultramar Rebellion Ultramar was struck with a horrifying reality when half of its System rebelled under the ruler ship of the True Emperor. With its borders under less watch due to the recent Rebellion. Ultramar ran the risk of being invaded by Orks, Eldar or other Human Empires yet to be complied. Quick to act was Guiliman, that the borders were re-stabilized and the Rebellion was contained within it, so that it may not spread and cause a galaxy wide panic. This conflict would pull Guiliman and the Ultramarines away from the Great Crusade, and cause many systems to be left un-attended in the face of enemies like the Orks and the Eldar.
The Schism of Cadia (First Cadian Rebellion) The Fortress Worlds of the Cadian Gate earn a reputation of heresy, as the Eye of Terror corrupts nearly half of the population nearly 5 years after the Compliance of Cadia. The civilian population of Cadia, weak minded and not able to resist the temptations of Chaos, turn on the Ecclesiarchy and Military presence in the Cadian Gate. The Imperial Guard are overwhelmed or turn renegade within the first 4 months of the Rebellion. 4 of the 5 planets are corrupted and taken back by Chaos, before the Fortress World of Cadia itself, and Lord Castellan Arlus Harbeck of the Cadian Gate halts the heretic advance using the fortress walls and batteries of Cadia. Primarch Zavarax and the Ghost Raptors, along with the Night Lords and Salamanders are en route to purge the System of heretics and reinforce the defenders.
Purging of Tyros The desert planet of Tyros is heavily infected with a host of Orks that have begun to get space borne and raid the local regions. In response the 98th Expeditionary Fleet arrives and begins its re conquest of the planet. But the orkish defenders prove to resilient to beat back, and Tyros was assigned to the worst fate a planet could get. After 4 months of hard fighting, Admiral Illian signed the Death Warrant on the Trillions of ork souls on the planet, and was given orders to perform Exterminatus Extremis on the planet. The 98th Expeditionary Fleet released an oribtal bombardment that shattered the planet, whiping it clean of Ork Population, but renting deep scars in the planet. It left an ash filled desert and an empty planet to be re-inhabited by Imperial Citzens later that year.
Horus's Fall from Grace The Sons of Horus Legion and the Warmaster Horus arrive at the Davin System, where contact was lost in a previous year, only to discover that the planets had been scoured of all human life. They came across one of Davin's primary moons, where they discovered the System-Governor, Goltha Armallas, and the Mars-Battleship, Vented Fury , plunged into the crust of the moon. The Battleship had crashed some time ago and the Sons of Horus arrived on the surface, only to be assailed by the infected population of the Davin System. Horus and Abaddon fought their way into the Mars-Battleship and confronted Goltha Armallas, now a Daemon Prince of Nurgle. They slew the creature, but at a cost, Horus was wounded, and in this event, First Chaplain Erebus convinced Abaddon that Horus should be transported to the Serpent Lodge of the planet, where he was slowly influence by the Female Chaos Sorcerers there. The Serpent Lodge proved to work its magic, and the Chaos Gods healed Horus, but in turn, he was to give them the Imperium of Man.
ca. 011-020 M.31 The Council of Nikaea Long had the use of Sorcery and other dark magics plagued the Imperium, that it had come to the point where the Emperor could not longer avoid the concept of the Librarium in the Adeptus Astartes, and all Psykers in general. Therefor, the Council of Nikaea was held by the Emperor, with him were the Primarchs, Horus, Leman Russ, Zavarax, Magnus the Red, Tiber Myr and Sanguinius. The initial Council was to discuss the regulation of Librarians in the Astartes Legions. But when Magnus and Tiber Myr began to grown defensive due to the mostly directed comments at them, the Council became a battleground as 2 clear sides of the spectrum rose into fruition. The Emperor sat in the middle as Horus, Leman, Zavarax and Sanguinius argued with Tiber and Magnus about psychic use in the Astartes Legions. In the end, the Emperor banned all use of psychic powers by the Astartes, and if any civilians were found with these powers, they were to be executed or brought to Terra for judgement. Magnus did not argue with his father, but in the same, he did not agree. He and His legion continued to practice the use of psychic abilities. Which later led to their corruption by Tzeentch and early fall to Chaos.
Death to the Traitor Guiliman and the Ultramarines began their push into the territory of the True Children of the Emperor, and the True Emperor. Every planet was a battle, for every citizen and soldier on these planets were entirely devoted to the True Emperor. Spires of pure obsidian were raised and then formed into statues of the True Emperor and his Angel Guard. Civilians and Soldiers all were robes of obsidian plates and bore tattoos of the Imperial Aquilia, except instead of eagle heads, it bore deformed skulls and the faces of ugly creatures thought in the nightmares of the weak. Guiliman was disgusted with these people...his people. How weak minded they were that he couldnt bear but slaughter every city. Every planet. And one by one, planets were brought back under compliance. The Ultramarines roared hate and fury as they gunned, cut and bludgeoned their way through entire populations of ravenous, fanatical True Children of the Emperor. The Rebellion was forced back to one planet. The Fortress world of Kyrannus Prime. So strong were its fortress walls and batteries, that the Ultramarines were unable to make surface contact. They lost many marines trying to make beach heads on the planet. All failed. Guiliman, after 5 months of long campaigning, swallowed his pride and called for help.
Magnus's Warning Magnus finally learned of Horus's betrayal. He was horrified at the fact that a loyal son of the Emperor would dare turn against their father. And against all he believed, Magnus broke the Edict of Nikaea and used his intense psychic power to image himself in the Emperor's presence. Magnus warned